My Thoughts on Therapy

When people find out that I am a therapist, usually one of the first things they ask is "do you think I need therapy?". No matter the person, my answer is ALWAYS yes. My belief is that therapy is a space to reflect on personal experience, learn more about yourself, and work towards growth and wellness. It's like working out for your brain, and what human being couldn't benefit from that? Life certainly has its challenges, and so we can oftentimes feel stuck, lost, or just that something is not quite right. Those are often the most important times to take a deeper look at what is happening for us.  My belief is that the way we relate - to ourselves, others, and the world - is at the root of psychological pain. This informs my work with clients to help notice negative patterns, make positive changes, and ultimately strengthen their connections. Looking inward can be uncomfortable, but it can start you on a journey towards self-discovery and helping to break down barriers preventing you from living your best life. I am honored to provide a supportive space for my clients and walk alongside you throughout that personal journey.

Nothing in life is achieved without effort, daring to take risks, and often some suffering.
— Erich Fromm