Individual Counseling

I offer one on one in-person counseling where we can collaboratively work  to establish and achieve your therapy goals.  I believe in transparency in the therapeutic relationship, so I will not say that this process will always be easy. It can be uncomfortable to explore and process difficult thoughts, emotions, and experiences.  That being said, we will move at a pace that is comfortable for you and I will be there as a consistent support while you work to enhance your life.  I encourage feedback throughout our work together and aim to create a space where you feel comfortable enough to share what is or is not helpful for you.  

Couples Counseling

Oftentimes couples have so much love in their relationship and want nothing more than to make it work, but somewhere along the line things get lost in translation.  This can lead to feelings of hurt, frustration, and hopelessness.  We can work together to explore your relational needs and the barriers keeping your partnership from reaching its fullest potential.  Our work together can include establishing healthier communication, strengthening emotional support, and enhancing intimacy. 



Intuitive Healing

I currently work as a part of a group practice called Intuitive Healing Psychotherapy Practice, where I work alongside three other amazing therapists. We each have our own unique style and approach to the counseling process. Feel free to check out our group web page: